Task List Mastery

Hi all,

We’ve added Task List Mastery as a course. It includes the courses we’ve completed so far. We have a team of BCBAs working on the entire Task List. As we’ve always done, for any and all who get in on the Task List right now at the introductory beta-phase rate, you’ll be grandfathered in at the final product which will include the entire list. The final Task List Mastery price will probably be around $120 minimum, so now’s a good chance to get in. We’re now adding content every week.

For those who are in, please keep communicate up and let us know of any feedback you have on question difficulty etc.

More soon!



    hello, i had 1st purchased the measurement course ; yet, did take long to do it (2 weeks). i wanted to do it today and it appears i never made a purchase.